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Website of Laurens Holst.

Active projects

MSX Assembly Page
The ultimate source of information for the MSX programmer. Tutorials, application manuals, reference tables, reverse engineering, translations, code examples, etc.
VGM player for MSX which supports many sound chips either natively or through emulation. Listen to soundtracks from arcade, console and PC games on real hardware.
Glass Z80 assembler
A cross-platform assembler for the Z80 processor, written in Java 8. Quick and versatile, with powerful macro and object oriented programming support.
FM PCM Player
Plays back 8-bit 15.7 kHz PCM on the YM2413 OPLL MSX-MUSIC sound chip with a new technique using the PG-hold test mode. Also shows a nice wave visualisation.
Tile² game engine
An RPG game engine for MSX2+, with a focus on exploiting the full capabilities of the V9958 video chip. Smooth scroll, particles, and colourful graphics.
Gunzip for MSX
A high performance, open source deflate decompression implementation for Z80. Generates the Huffman decoding code to out-perform most MSX decompressors.

More projects…