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MSX Fair Oss 2004

January 17th, 2004

Stuff I bought I went to the Oss MSX fair today, brought back some stuff too (image right)... Three games actually, the newly released Bombaman, also the first time ever official Dutch release of Moon Light Saga (finally available again at all), and the MSX2 game Maison Ikkoku (cartridge version) based on Rumiko Takahashi’s manga and anime series. Also, I bought two ‘MSX MP3 Collection’ CD’s, because Remco v/d Zon looked at me with puppy eyes and I can’t say no to that.

This year’s Oss fair was once again a pretty nice fair, a little busier than last I would say, and even honoured with some releases, pretty cool. During the fair I amongst others took a closer look at Tsujikawa’s / ESE’s ‘one chip MSX’ (very interesting device, and not expensive at all!), invested some time in recommending Koen from Sunrise to give the upcoming new memory mappers 16-bit page select registers using the #F8-#FB range as MSB, sold enough old MSX books (mainly about Basic) for €0,50 apiece or €1,- for three to make up for the stand cost (€2,-) and even some extra (another €2,-)!!! Wow I’ll get rich from this business :). Also have been able to see GuyveR800’s snowfall challenge entry using Gfx9000 running on a turboR. It really wasn’t working that much worse on my 7MHz MSX2 at all, pah! Well, just faster ;p. And talked to a lot of people, etc. etc. etc., the usual story.