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Hello again,

I’ve added a new subsection in my articles section: Creating XHTML sites. This is about – who would have guessed – the process of and hurdles you encounter when creating a site in XHTML, based on my experiences with this site and the MAP. There is already one article inside, and there are going to be more in the future, for which I already have a couple of ideas.

The first article inside the XHTML section is “Adding your email with Javascript”. This article introduces you to a way of putting your email address on your site invisible to spambots yet transparent to the end user. The idea is not new, but this script uses only the XML DOM so that it also works in XHTML sites served with the proper content-type. In addition to that, it’s also a very nice and ‘clean’ way to do it without any Javascript in the middle of your page, nor <noscript> tags. I hope you’ll find it useful.