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Zapp’s birthday!

August 20th, 2004

So, I’m happily working on my MSX computer, I go to Basic, back to DOS and the following text appears...

“Did you know today’s ZAPP’s birthday ???”

Aaaahhh nooo let it not be true!

(for the statistics: my MSX has now been infected by a virus more often than my PC)

Lemme give a little background information, Zapp is the one and only virus for the MSX computer. I recall correctly it’s a pretty harmless virus, and there are even two or three antivirus tools available for MSX (more than there are viruses :)). Another funny detail is that the author of the virus is also known ^_^.

In any case, I hope it didn’t damage any files beyond repair... And I wonder whoever gave me this :(. Who knows how long this has been on there, after all it’s ZAPP’s birthday only once a year. But, there is one consolation – my MSX has lived a fair lot longer than my PC, so there’s still enough time to settle the score! I wonder if more people are caught in this – kind of embarassing – state... Try it out! Make sure your date is set to 20-8, go to Basic, and back to DOS. If you see some message about Zapp, you can share my pain :).

Update: I checked all my files, and mainly a couple of files on the A: drive were infected. It doesn’t seem files I passed on to others recently or put online have problems. I just wish that the TCAV antivirus util scanned through all subdirectories as well -_-;;... Where the infection came from, I still have no clue.



ZAPPS birthday by MSD at 2005-10-31 09:08

It was made by Wybe Wijkamp iirc.