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Very recently there has been talk on the inside of Mozilla Firefox about removing some vital features. The style sheet switching UI (you know, the palette icon at the bottom) has already been taken out, and there was also talk about removing the View Source and Javascript Console functionality. All this generally with the argument the common user doesn’t use it or something similar.

Fortunately, Brendan has posted a comforting blog entry on the Firefox roadmap blog about all the fuss. It seems some developers (read: Asa) have felt it necessary to try to pull the plug on several important features behind the backs of the two lead developers, Ben and Brendan. Thank god though that has now been corrected. As said, the style sheet switching is out, but the removal of View Source and the Javascript Console has been averted. Also, there is a good chance that after ‘Preview Release 1’ the stylesheet UI will be put back in because Brendan doesn’t seem to be happy with it at all. Besides, Fantasai is working on the bugs Asa mentioned as the reason for pulling it. The Work Offline UI functionality will probably stay out, but I can really only agree with that :).