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Pictures from work

December 10th, 2004

I took some pictures of the place where I work on thursdays and fridays, Backbase...

Desk with two flatscreens showing a Mononoke Hime wallpaper

This is my desk... Cosy, eh? :) I normally don’t have two screens, but at the moment we have some spare ones, so I bought an old PCI graphics card at the HCC fair for €3,- and now I enjoy a dual-head desktop ^_^. It’s pretty comfortable, actually. I can view the current documentation on one screen, and update it on the other, without having to switch between them all the time. That big white computer you see there isn’t mine, btw.

Gerbert and Håkan

These are two of my collegues... Gerbert Kaandorp, the guy spreading his arms in some sort of angelic embrace, is the main programmer and co-founder of the company. And sitting in front of him is Håkan ‘Knackebröd’ Magnusson, also a programmer. He is from Sweden and still doesn’t understand a single word of Dutch (even though he claims he does if I talk slowly) ;p.