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January 4th, 2005

I looked at my download statistics today... Ouch :).

download/month graph

up/month graph

In total I, or rather, this household has downloaded 535 GB, and uploaded 332 GB throughout entire 2004. That’s 72 GB on average each month, upload and download combined (december: 157 GB in total). Share ratio 0.62, pretty decent if you ask me :).

I hadn’t kept up with the latest anime series fansubs lately, so that’s the reason of the huge spike end november/begin december... I broke a personal record in december :). And july is the summer vacation, which explains the dip. March and april were apparantly pretty quiet months, for unknown reason, in october I’ve apparantly idled in DC++ or Bittorrented a lot, and the rest looks average.

Interesting huh! :)