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SVG in XHTML with JavaScript demo

February 11th, 2005

I just made a small demo, animating SVG with JavaScript in an XHTML page! Whoooaaa... :). I stole the SVG picture from a friend of mine, Bert.

» Look at SVG in XHTML with JavaScript demo

You need an SVG-enabled build of Mozilla or Firefox to be able to see it. Which I happen to have, freshly built from the source just this morning. Before using it, be sure to make a backup of your existing profile directory though, because it may have some regressions (although it looks good to me).

p.s. for the ones who missed it, yesterday was my birthday! ^_^. I’m 23 now. Woohoo. Going to celebrate with family on the 19th though, so it wasn’t really a big day. Worked all day, went to university to host a movie (Harry Potter 3), came home late, heh ;p.