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New kind of spam

February 16th, 2005

Really, those spammers keep amazing me... Look at what I got in my inbox just now (and got right past my spam filter :) – fortunately, it’s an adaptive one):

qr  zf    yt    uz      vb  vn  um  lf    ey
ml  xs   jmuj   zw      nm  hg  tu  xpw  eoi
xe  uw  dx  ll  wt      wh  dp  pk  oyjzoxwz
sr  rg  chafvy  nq      rc  tw  bb  bn vs lb
 cljh   wu  wb  qk  sy  av  ew  fr  md    yw
  ig    oe  pl  hzhsbl  kg   asvu   gs    ag

qo  qs  kx    wt     szcg   omfcc     ws
pf  cm  rt   fxjh   dv  ar  wa  jy   lali
tk  ca  zz  pw  mr  vs      ka  sa  wd  pp
oc  cx  ch  uyosbs  xa ypk  ukvai   qplnbu
 pfvo   zl  bn  lm  ce  sq  it  ht  zq  zf
  yh    mp  cv  kv   zhps   al  qi  dn  do

 ayiv   vm    ly    ld      pg   gbqb
aa  kr  xc   lywt   ld      xe  wi  wk
vf      ur  to  ol  jc      et  ibw
tw      yb  wsgekp  fg      qp     lql
yq  lz  og  ef  gw  eh  xn  ik  ex  zz
 ocqm   dy  ok  zv  yyaegb  rv   raic

pj   dv    tp    mg  di    pz    hb   co
 tf zc    vhnd   abn ec   jjmr    qc ce
  ytv    oc  yp  pvbnat  ux  ko    qaj
  kzm    avlhwo  ejezte  hrfutq    dbr
 og zx   tb  ag  ul rsa  cw  ph   ia wf
ra   fg  gd  jg  dp  fz  us  vp  xb   nr

ki  mn  fh   divt    ktat   kanpy   lx  wp  uh
jg  ia  mq  th  kw  qcfgor  th  od  kp  bno xp
ej  dq  zk  yo      xg  mf  ei  fo  uf  ncwsjj
zu  ba  wv  xx      vx  tq  ck  yh  cg  cgyvkz
 wnly   um  bk  fj  ttnvdn  hs  dp  ng  lb ldd
  fc    km   elpq    okbn   xhcyd   gp  rb  fd

Also amusing is the HTML/CSS they used for this:

<FONT style="FONT-SIZE: 4px" font-weight:bold font-family:Courier><B><PRE>

Ghehe... what a mess :).