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Airwaves 7 on Enschede FM

March 18th, 2005

For a while already a guy going by the nickname of Poke -1,170 has a monthly slot on Enschede FM with a chiptune music show. Chiptunes are songs from 80s home computers and consoles, which usually had a dedicated sound chip, each with its unique sound.

Last december’s episode no. 4 was about MSX tunes, featuring various game soundtracks. This month’s broadcast is at midnight this sunday, and it is about MSX again, this time with both old and new tunes from the MSX amateur demo scene all around the world!

So, if you live in the neighbourhood and can receive Enschede FM, check it out! It will also be available for download shortly after, I will update this entry with the download link.

I already got a sneak listen at the broadcast, and it is awesome! The tracks are a great selection of tunes from the usual wide range of soundchips, MSX-Audio, PSG, MSX-Music, SCC and MoonSound. The episode ends with a couple of tracks which were the winning entries in a composition contest held especially for this show! So, for a genuine MSX sound, go listen!

When: Sunday, March 20 2005, at 24:00 (GMT+01) on Enschede FM!

Update: here are the download links: stream, MP3 download.