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From 1996 I was a member of the MSX group Datax, together with Alex Ganzeveld and Edwin Huisman. During that time we made seven issues of a diskmagazine called Track and two music disks called Music Power #1 (MB-stereo) and Overload (OPL4, MB-stereo), although I was not a member yet when Music Power #1 was made.

At some point we also cooperated with the Belgian demogroup Kenda (David & Kenny) who contributed some graphics and articles, and I did the programming for one of their music disks. I think it was around 1998 that Datax silently ceased to exist. Those years were a lot of fun ^_^, and it is always nice to remember them and see our products again. I recall the huge numbers of products we sold (not, haha :)).

Today, I added diskimages of those to my downloads section. It’s a bit old, and we were young, but I hope you enjoy it :).

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