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Overload update

May 1st, 2005

About two weeks ago I added the Datax products to my download page. Among those was Overload, a music disk for MB-Stereo (FM/Audio) and Moonsound (OPL4).

However, the version of Overload we released in 1997 had a bug: the timing of the OPL4 songs at 60Hz was all wrong and way too slow. This was because I compensated for the higher frequency of the interrupt, but the MBWAVE driver did this as well, causing the music to run about 20% slower than it supposed to at 60Hz.

So, I fixed this problem just now. How’s that for service :). You can download the fixed diskimage at the link below.

» Download Overload



Overload musicdisk by Retrofan at 2014-09-20 12:28

I don’t see the download link for the Overload musicdisk (OPL4) ;-)

Re: Overload musicdisk by Grauw at 2015-07-17 18:36

The download location had changed but the link wasn’t updated, should be fixed now :).