Grauw’s blog

The company I work at, Backbase, has launched a new site. This one looks way better than the previous one, thanks to the efforts of Sharif, and is now also actually coded using Backbase technology :) (thanks to Marijan, Simon and Wai). Jep took care of the coordination, and I think the end result is pretty good.

My hand can be found in the DevNet section, and a number of the demo’s (the interactive Backbase Explorer demo and the “BBGoogle” demo). And I’ve also helped here and there with the rest of the site.

Well, that’s it for now. However, in a couple of weeks the community edition of the Backbase technology will be released, and that’s something to look forward to because for non-commercial use, you can download and use it for free! Until then, you can already fiddle around in the aforementioned samples explorer.

I’ve also been working a little on the Javascript client code, in particular on creating support for Opera 8 and pages parsed as XHTML (e.g. this page :)), but I don’t think that will be done for the upcoming release. However hopefully you can expect that as well in the next version!