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XTech 2005

May 19th, 2005

I’ll be attending the XTech 2005 conference on XML and related technologies which is being held next week in Amsterdam. It kind of slams a big hole in my wallet, but ah well.

A short overview of the lectures I’ll probably attend. Day 1:

  • XAML, or XSLT vs. XQuery (haven’t decided yet)
  • XQuery Search and Update
  • XML and Relational Storage – Best Practices Guide (don’t care much for Laszlo)
  • All XML Databases are Equal
  • Can OpenOffice be the new XML schema IDE? (‘Browsing on small screens’ will probably be a rehash of the known ‘handheld stylesheet’ and Opera promotion mumbo jumbo anyway)
  • A success story: How XML services were used to benefit a high-end visual effects company (will probably have pretty visuals)

On day 2:

  • Directions of the Mozilla RDF engine: website scripting, standards conformance and perfomance (unfortunately at the same time is ‘Using W3C XForms in office applications’ and ‘Printing XML: Why CSS is better than XSL’ :(, with I hope some good news, e.g. as to when their next beta or even final is released)
  • Mozilla E4X’ (sounds VERY interesting!)
  • Extending Mozilla with XBL
  • Rich Web: SVG And Canvas In Mozilla (heh, Mozilla again :))
  • XHTML2: Accessible, Usable, Device Independent, and Semantic
  • WHATWG – Proposing extensions to HTML4 and the DOM
  • Beagle: Free and Open Desktop Search (or maybe ‘XForms For Validation’)
  • Are Server-Side Implementations the Future of XForms?

On day 3, which ends somewhere around noon:

  • Model-Driven Compound Document Development
  • W3C Compound Document Formats WG Status Report
  • The Multimodal Web
  • The Future of XML at W3C – Community Participation (and at the same time, ‘Streaming XML with Jabber/XMPP’ :()

There are a number of lectures inbetween as well, but for those I don’t have to choose so I didn’t list those :). Maybe later, I have to go now.