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If you have an SVG-enabled browser, then take a look at the browser statistics page, where you will see a nice pie-chart giving a visual representation of which user agents my visitors use. SVG support is currently available in Opera 8, and will be shipped in the upcoming Firefox 1.1 browser (current nightly builds already support it).

I think this is a good show of incremental browser support; only browsers supporting SVG will let you see the nice pie chart, and the others will not. Better browser? More candy :). It isn’t a highly relevant section of this site anyway. I’m planning to add more fun SVG stuff later.

Opera was being a bit of a bitch about it though, because it only supports inline styles in SVG and no stylesheets (yah, yah, I know that isn’t in SVG Tiny, but Opera says it can do more). I think this is because it has no clue about namespaces in its CSS implementation, something you can also see in the sortable tables of the licensed anime list. The class attribute also doesn’t seem to work, which is why Pokiyhgfd! is black.

By the way, this is the first time I’ve added something to my website that really needs it to be XHTML :) (the MathML and SVG previously posted were demonstrations, that doesn’t count). Well, to be honest, I could’ve also pointed to the SVG as an image, but that’s half the fun and more of a bother.

Figuring out the gory details about SVG paths (reminds me of DML and MML in MSX-Basic) was a little difficult, however with the help of this PHP script it’s been pretty easy.