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I’ve been filling in the browser statistics from in a spreadsheet for a while, to watch the browser’s market share trends. I thought it would be nice to post the graphical representation of those figures:

Mozilla on the rise, IE now at less than 65%

Now, keep in mind that w3schools is a techical site, and as such recieves an above-average number of Mozilla users. For more general sites, Mozilla market share is about 10% right now, although that depends on both the audience and the country of origin. Nevertheless, the same trend is visible there. And it doesn’t look like the rising line will stop soon. I wonder where it’ll end up. The release of Internet Explorer 7 should make things more interesting, too ^_^.

Of course, instead of depending on other sites their statistics, it is always better to look at the statistics of your own site :). However, on I’m not doing a monthly statistics breakdown yet, so I can’t really do that. Alas.