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New XSLT 2.0 engine

August 1st, 2005


Just read in Altova’s newsletter that they have released a free XSLT 2.0 engine, called AltovaXML. This means that there is now an alternative to Saxon 8, and it’s always good to have alternatives :). It also means increased application support for XSLT 2.0. As a bonus, it is Schema-aware as well (Saxon is, too, but not the free version).

For the website, I created the infrastructure that generates the content using XSLT 2.0 templates. The source documents are XHTML 2.0 (with some extensions), which are then transformed to XHTML 1.0 + BXML using the XHTML output method and numerous other XSLT 2.0 features such as multiple output files and many new XPath 2.0 functions.




xml editor by david at 2011-05-23 12:19

Thanks for covering Altova, it’s a great product, I have used it for a number of years but have chosen to migrate to Liquid Technogies, it’s also great for data binding and more than matches Altova on feature sets. Can anyone offer any feedback on this company before i commit to a corporate licence?