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WinLIRC plugin for musikCube

November 11th, 2005


I’ve just finished my WinLIRC plugin for musikCube. That means that as of now, it is possible to control musikCube using a remote control.

For a while now, musikCube has been my favourite audio player, replacing Winamp, and the only thing that I’ve been missing up till now is the ability to control it remotely using the LIRC-type infrared receiver that I made. However, now that I created this plugin, that’s also possible. Now I can skip the bad songs and repeat the good ones without having to get out of bed. Heh, great! :)

» Go to the WinLIRC plugin project page

By the way, I can recommend giving musikCube a try! It’s a very nice player.



Musiklirc by Kent at 2005-12-10 04:57

Nice work on the WinLirc musikcube plugin! Would you by any chance be able to release the source code?

Source code by Grauw at 2005-12-10 22:13

Ah, yes, it’s there. I put it up, actually, but didn’t feel like advertising it because it isn’t really finished yet, and the code isn’t very pretty. It uses an ugly hack to get a message queue for example, which I heard can be done much better. Also it still lacks some things before I’m really satisfied with it, e.g. it doesn’t make the musikCube window refresh properly, and it also doesn’t reconnect to WinLIRC after returning from hibernation. And I want to add more features, like having keys to give ratings with the remote.

But sure, now that you ask, try the link above to download the source. It’s Creative Commons Attribution licensed (public domain, with attribution).