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New Greasemonkey scripts section

December 24th, 2005

Just now, I’ve created two Greasemonkey scripts. For those of you who don’t know, Greasemonkey is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser, with which people can add functionality to existing websites by means of small scripts.

The first of the two scripts scans a page for links that point to images, and then adds them as a ‘tooltip’ when you hover your mouse over the link. I was inspired to make this script when reading a Windows Vista review, which has links to a couple of screenshots, and found it bothersome to switch from the text to the screenshots all the time.

The second script checks whether the user is viewing a phpBB forum, and if so, restricts the maximum width of the images in posts to a certain size. The reason for this is because if the width is not restricted, very large images can really mess up the layout of the forum.

I hope you’ll find these useful. For a comprehensive list of Greasemonkey scripts available, visit For a good tutorial on how to create your own Greasemonkey scripts, check out Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Greasemonkey.

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