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I created a new image gallery page, containing a bunch of pictures of MSX stuff that I took long ago. The pictures aren’t new, they previously lived on my old website, but they’re still nice so I rescued them from the tag soup and moved them to here, with some slightly updated descriptions.

The pictures were taken in I think 2000 or so, with a bulky Sony Digital Mavica disk-based camera, so forgive me the small size and bad quality ^_^.

» Image gallery with MSX stuff

And in another update, I moved and updated some stuff to a shiny new TI-83 page. No new actual stuff, everything came from the old TI-83 page, but the descriptions are now up-to-date, and all the underlying markup’s fixed, and I now also have a link to an MCCW article that I wrote on the subject.

» TI-83 projects page

And finally, I updated my MSX projects page, you can now find a TERM4MSX download there, as well as a link to JoyNet information that I’ve published on the MAP.

» MSX projects page

I think with that I (finally ;p) got all my data off the old website onto the new one :).



NIce work by GuyveR800 at 2007-07-01 20:08

Nice work putting that content back online! :)

And enjoy your last few months in Japan dude.

Re: Nice work by Grauw at 2007-07-02 02:08

Only 2 months left… *snif*

But I’m also looking forward to being home again :).