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In memoriam: site statistics

March 20th, 2009

I’m reworking the site’s backend code a little at the moment, it was very old code and I want to make it more modern, and use concepts from the Fuji project’s framework (and eventually converge to a single nice RESTful PHP framework).

While doing so, I removed the statistics pages from the site, as I don’t really look at it much, and there are better tools to log site statistics than doing my own half-assed thing. Also, it didn’t really give me an accurate overview of recent browser usage anyway, because it didn’t automatically break it down in months, and I haven’t reset it in years.

However, one thing about the statistics pages that was nice, is that it created a nice SVG pie-chart of the browser distribution for my site’s visitors over the past couple of years. I think it was a nice show of the kind of graphic that SVG enables you to generate very easily. For remembrance’s sake, I’m posting it below, so that I can gaze upon its prettiness forever :).

Browser statistics pie chart

Mozilla Internet Explorer 6 Other Internet Explorer 7 Opera Internet Explorer Safari

In order to see this chart, you need to use an SVG enabled browser, such as Firefox 1.5 or Opera. Because it uses inline SVG, IE with the Adobe SVG plugin will not work.