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MSX Assembly Page update

August 23rd, 2009

I just published a new article on the MSX Assembly page:

A guide to scrolling game engines on MSX

Some additional changes from the past months are:

  • Improved 16-bit division routine performance by 120 T-states, thanks to Juha N.
  • Added Ricardo Bittencourt’s division by 9 routine.
  • Added Zemina mapper details to I/O overview, thanks to Manuel Bilderbeek.
  • A new “Contributing” section was also introduced, with information to make it easier for people to contribute content to the MSX Assembly Page. Maybe it will help some people interested in contributing :). The MAP source code is now also publicly available as a Mercurial repository. (Just to be clear though, the MAP content is still covered by the usual copyrights.)
  • Did some work on the v9958 application manual HTML-version (still not completed, though, ugh it’s big).
  • Fixed some broken links, minor maintenance, general clean-up.
  • The MAP address changed, I am now hosting it on my own web server.

You can find the MSX Assembly Page on this new address:


Check it out, let me know if you have feedback, and update your bookmarks!