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A great initiative was started by Wammes Witkop, Frank H. Druijff, Hayo Rubing, Robert Wethmar and Bas Kornalijnslijper to put online an archive of MCM/MCCM 1-90:

They are soliciting the contributing authors to contact them in order to ask for permission to put their articles online. Their email-address is listed on the website.

I think this is a really great initiative, archiving these things is important. I was always already thinking all those magazines in the cupboard were really asking for some scanning :). Also good to hear that Frank and Wammes are involved. I hope they will also put MSX Club Magazines and the accompanying disks online.

It’s a shame that our author’s rights system makes these kind of preservation efforts a really complicated job. If you vote GroenLinks, maybe they will manage to do something about it! :)