Devcon april 2005 photos

MSX Devcon april 2005 photos

On april 23rd, another installment of the Devcon was held. The Devcon is a small-scale meeting for MSX developers which is held a couple of times a year. Here are a few photos I took:

Parked car
We did some carpooling and Vincent van Dam came to pick me up… Convenient :).

A fairly long drive… Almost 2 hours (and more for Vincent and Edwin).

Room overview
The Devcon room. Cosy! Maarten still has a Santa Clause hat. Does he wear it every day?

Some discussion
Edwin, Vincent and Patriek discussing at something. On the background, Marinke and Debby.

The café
The café the meeting was held in. About to have dinner…

The bartender
The bartender.