Oss 2005 photos

MSX fair Oss 2005 photos

The room of the fair didn’t have a lot of light, and my camera is kinda cheap, so forgive me if some of the photos are a little darkish…

’s Hertogenbosch station
Waiting for the train to Oss to arrive at ’s Hertogenbosch station… I just missed the 11:37 train :(, I should have hurried more when I arrived.

Maarten in train
Met Maarten in the train… Blinded a little by the sun :).

Oss station
We’re there! Oss station.

Fair entrance
Entrance of the fair. No ‘MSX’ sign, but we found it :).

Patriek in suit
Observe, Patriek’s ‘big change’ (heh, he just bought a suit, I thought he would be shaved bald or something).

People playing Bomb Jack
A couple whose names I do not know playing Bomb Jack, a new Spanish game by amongst others some members of the former Matra (or so I understand), imported by Bitwise.

Umax + Maarten & André
On the left, Peter Meulendijks, next to him is Maarten (Wolf), then a friend of Peter who is in Umax as well (but whose name I forgot), and on the right, André.

Realms of Adventure & Cipher
Two MSX RPG’s in development! On the background, Cipher, and on the foreground, Realms of Adventure pt. 2!

MSX NBNO stand
The MSX NBNO stand, the people who organised the fair.

CLS game intro screen
The game CLS, by Up-soft and Darkstone. I didn’t play it very thoroughly yet, but it seemed like a nice puzzle game. Also cool to see a product coming from MSX-NBNO, as they were usually only doing distribution and magazine publishing.

Anne photographing
Anne doing a counter-camera attack!

Anne de Raad
Anne again, this time without camera. Ladies, watch out for this man!

Gfx9000 on openMSX
OpenMSX development, Rinus watching on the left, and Eric working on/showing Gfx9000 support.

Girl playing Hayamara Nights 2
Alert! Alert! Hayamara Nights 2 not suitable for children! Well, the plot isn’t, I guess :). A wonderful game, very international project, and working very smoothly. Will definitely buy it when it’s released!

Tristan & Maarten
Tristan, Maarten.

Marinke & Debby
Marinke and Debby, two true MSX chicks!

Jesús & Sjoerd
Jesús ([DK], from Spain!) and Sjoerd.

Filip with eyes closed
This is a truly embarrassing photo of Filip who just had his eyes closed when I took the picture, and which I promised not to put online, but… I can't resist!

Some people
Some random people… In the back, Robert Vroemisse trying to show Anne and Ramon (the creator of Cipher) that he is really good at standing on one leg.

openMSX team
OpenMSX team, showing stuff. Eric, Manuel, and Maarten.

Jorrith & Arjan looking scary
Jorrith and Arjan; they are cursed, they never look good on photos!

Rieks, Robert & André on the background
Rieks, and Robert, they look so happy! And André is happy too!

Bomb Jack poster
Pretty Bomb Jack advertisement poster! With shocking texts, former Matra style clearly visible ^_^. Also, note the copyright-free MSX logo ;p.

Bomb Jack intro screen
Intro screen of Bomb Jack.

Another Bomb Jack intro screen
Another intro screen of Bomb Jack.

Sunrise stand
The Sunrise stand; Ben, the brother of Rob (who was probably walking around), and Koen.

Jan, Iris & Patriek
Jan Lukens and his spouse Iris, chatting with Patriek.

Up-soft selling CLS
Up-soft (aka MSX-NBNO ;p), selling their CLS game.

Up-soft selling CLS (again)
Same thing.

Delta Soft, with girl on lap
Delta soft, who just showed me their upcoming Konami Quiz 2. They rule! ^_^

MSX-Info stand
Rinus, and KoetjeMSX whose real name I don’t know. Today, I received issue 2 of MSX World Wide (from their hands) by mail, too!

Two Gfx9000’s
Two Gfx9000’s at the Sunrise stand. One of these was borrowed to Rudi, who seemed really enthousiastic about it and was already dying to make a game for it. I'm anxious to see what will come of it!

The Lost World ad & books, and tiny LCD screen
Two things. First off, The Lost World, rereleased with the MoonSound music they promised so long ago! Secondly, I must say that tiny screen they sell at the Dixons looks pretty sexy :).

MoonSound new 640k batch poster
That’s right, Sunrise is going to start producing a new batch of MoonSounds again! All of them with 640k SRAM, so Wolf will be happy too ^_^. Note that there were only two Compact Flash interfaces left, and because they’re now producing MoonSounds that means they won’t have resources to make new CF-IDE’s for a while, so be quick if you still want one! (Update: Sunrise says they still have a stock of 5 CF-IDE’s in total)

MRC; (Spanish) magazines
Some magazines on the msx.org stand… Interesting Spanish magazines, recent too! I didn't know they were still there.

MRC; magazines (again)

Patriek’s shoes
Patriek’s very hip shoes :). He looks like a Yakuza man now! ^_^

Fastfood dinner
And the traditional after-fair fastfood dinner. Hmmm… I'm not a real fan of Burger King :).

Things I forgot to take a photograph of: Bas and Ditta Kornalijnslijper’s little baby girl Quintie (link). And Edwin, too. And Rudi, and his shining MSX! (link)