Greasemonkey scripts

Greasemonkey is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox browser, with which people can add functionality to websites by means of small scripts. For a comprehensive list of Greasemonkey scripts available, visit For a good tutorial on how to create your own Greasemonkey scripts, check out Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Greasemonkey

On this page, I will list some of the Greasemonkey scripts that I have created.

Installation instructions

First install the Greasemonkey in your browser, and after restarting follow the link to the Greasemonkey scripts that you want to add. Then, an information bar will pop up with an install button. Click on it and you’ve added the user script to Greasemonkey. You can go to the ‘Tools / Manage User Scripts…’ menu to change which sites the script applies to, and to uninstall it.

The scripts