Synthesix Lite FM

Copyright 2018 Laurens Holst

Project information

Simple MIDI synthesizer for MSX-MUSIC (YM2413 OPLL) and PSG.


See the release notes for what’s new.


See the Youtube playlist.

System requirements

Usage instructions

Run SyntheFM from MSX-DOS 2.


synthefm [options]


MIDI channel assignment

All channels are monophonic.

MIDI controller assignment

All channels respond to:

Overlap the notes to play legato.

FM Voice channels 1-9 respond to:

FM Basic channel 1 responds to:

Development information

Synthesix Lite FM is free and open source software. If you want to contribute to the project you are very welcome to. Please contact me at any one of the places mentioned in the project information section.

You are also free to re-use code for your own projects, provided you abide by the license terms.

Building the project is easy on all modern desktop platforms. On MacOS and Linux, simply invoke make to build the binary and symbol files into the bin directory:


Windows users can open the Makefile and build by pasting the line in the all target into the Windows command prompt.

To launch the build in openMSX after building, put a copy of MSXDOS2.SYS and COMMAND2.COM in the bin directory, and invoke the make run command.

Note that the glass assembler which is embedded in the project requires Java 8. To check your Java version, invoke the java -version command.

Release notes

For the complete list of changes please refer to the revision history.

No releases yet.