Copyright 2000 Laurens Holst

Project information

TERM4MSX is a terminal program that uses the Erix Fossil-drivers and supports ANSI colours.

So why did I write this terminal program? Aren’t there enough of them? No, because the Sunrise-RS232 hasn't got a BIOS. Therefore, it can only be used by programs especially written for it or by using a driver, for example the Erix Fossil-driver, which is very fast and compatible. So far, only Erix supports the Sunrise RS232, and ANSI colours are only available in the Gfx9000 version.

So I started writing a terminal-program using the Fossil-drivers which would support fast color-ANSI support on the 'old' v9938. And before you is the result, I have tried to make it as fast as possible, I have however not had the time to work on the user-interface yet.

The program is still far from complete, it's still in beta stage (or rather, alpha perhaps), but I decided to get it out anyway. It still lacks a lot of features, some of them are even already implemented but just not accessible because there is no UI, like the logfile and smooth scrolling. Also, only YModem-G downloading is possible so far, and I think it might be a bit buggy (dropping bytes etc). However, if you just want to have an ANSI terminal over the Sunrise RS232, it should do the job pretty well.

And yes, I know the name (TERM4MSX) is not very inspirational. If you have suggestions for another name, let me know ;).