TI-83 projects

The TI-83 is a graphical calculator by Texas Instruments. It has a Z80 CPU inside, and thus is pretty easy to program for if you know the MSX. It’s been a while since I’ve last done anything with it, but there’s still some nice stuff laying aroud here, so if you have a TI-83 and an MSX and want to do some programming, or watch the Angel promo, check it out.

These files are also available in the ticalc.org MSX section.

Oh, and before I forget — if you download anything, please forgive me the gratuitous teenager-speak and bad English in the documentation files ^_^.

TransMSX v1.2

With TransMSX you can send and receive programs to and from your TI-83 calculator. To use it, you have to make a special cable to connect your MSX and TI-83, because the MSX has only one input-pin on the printerport and thus can’t use a common PC-type cable. However, don’t worry, the MSX cable is very, very simple to make, you just need a DB9 connector, a 2.5mm jack and three wires.

For more information, I wrote an article that was published in MCCW 91, 2000:

» Linking a TI-83 to an MSX (Dutch version).

Revision history

TransMSX v1.2 — 1999-11-19

TransMSX v1.1 — 1999-10-01

» Download TransMSX (LZH archive)

» Download TransMSX (ZIP archive)

MSX83Dev v1.1

This is a TI-83 developers pack for the MSX. With this, you can developing TI-83 games in your favorite assembler on your MSX (Compass!)… It contains the program MSX83DEV.COM, which converts files from the .COM format to the .83p-format (‘squished’)… Ofcourse, the .COM files have to be coded for the TI-83.

It also contains the following MSX-Assembler (Compass and Gen80) formatted include-files: ION.INC, SOS.INC, TOKENS.INC and TI83ASM.INC. I don’t exactly recall which versions those are, but they should be relatively easy to update to the latest versions of the libraries.

Revision history

MSX83Dev v1.1 — 1999-11-19

» Download MSX83Dev (LZH archive)

» Download MSX83Dev (ZIP archive)


At some point the program ‘TINUKE’ became pretty popular, because it allowed you to clear one TI-83 with another just by linking them together. This worked by exploiting some buffer overflow or something, in any case, I made an MSX version which you can download here. I don’t know if it still works with the current generation of TI-83 calculators, but it might be useful when developing.

» Download MSXNukes (ZIP archive)


I was working on a game for the TI-83 called “Angel”. It’s a puzzle game, programmed in Assembly for the SOS and ION environments. The intro is finished, but the rest of the game is not. On the original page I had some nice formula to express the development time left in an informal way (formula: time for angel = total time - time for other projects), but to be frank, I don’t think I will ever start work on this again. So you’ll have to make do with the demo, which has a couple of nice ‘special effects’.

I was first thinking about using greyscale (by flipping display bits real fast), and as a matter of fact it looked quite nice, but I figured it the ‘flashing’ was still a bit too much to let people play the game while not getting a headache. So now it has more animation. Also nice.

How does the game work? Well, you're a guy (an angel, who wants to live again and has to complete 4 worlds to accomplish that), and you start at a certain position in the field. Somewhere else, there’s a door, and there is a key to open the door. Quite simple, would one say. But beware! There are also 4 types of obstacles!!! They are placed in your way, and you can’t get past them unless you have the right ‘weapon’… So you can destroy a balloon by ‘shooting’ an arrow at it, dose a fire by throwing water over it, etc. However, you can hold only 1 item at a time so you need to think about what you are going to do.

I got the idea from my MSX computer, there are several games like this for it, i.e. SokSoft’s Dummieland, there’s a game in the Peach-Up series, a variant on Sunrise Picturedisk… Well, either you recognise those or you don’t.

Download a small promo (only featuring the intro demo and a 1st level shot) here:

» Download Angel (LZH archive)

» Download Angel (ZIP archive)