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Thanks go to l_oliveira, popolon(fr), Pencioner, Supersoniqs and JunSoft for support.

Project information

Plays back VGM music files on MSX with the supported sound chips.

VGMPlay can play back music for quite a number of sound chips using various common and less common sound expansions for MSX, such as the PSG, MoonSound and Yamaha SFG. A detailed list can be found below.

Both the VGM and VGZ formats are supported. The compressed VGZ format takes longer to load but also consumes less disk space. If so desired, VGZ files can be manually decompressed to VGM with gunzip for MSX or PC.

The timing resolution is 50 or 60 Hz on MSX1 machines with a TMS9918 VDP, 300 Hz on machines with a V9938 or V9958 VDP, 1130 Hz if a MoonSound or OPL3 is present, and 4000 Hz on MSX turboR.

For collections of VGM music see:


See the release notes for what’s new.


See the Youtube playlist.

Green Hill Zone (Sonic) playing on TurboR with SFG-05 and MMM.

System requirements

Supported sound chips

AY-3-8910 PSG / YM2149 SSG x2
Internal PSG, Darky, MegaFlashROM SCC+
YM2151 OPM x2
Yamaha SFG
YM3526 OPL x2
MSX-AUDIO, Music Module, MoonSound, OPL3
YM3812 OPL2 x2
MoonSound, OPL3
YMF262 OPL3 x2
MoonSound, OPL3
MoonSound, DalSoRi R2 (4MB mode)
Y8950 MSX-AUDIO x2
MSX-AUDIO, Music Module, MoonSound (no ADPCM), OPL3 (no ADPCM)
K051649 Konami SCC
Konami SCC, Konami Sound Cartridge
K052539 Konami SCC+
Konami Sound Cartridge
SN76489 DCSG x2
Musical Memory Mapper, Playsoniq, Franky, PSG
YM2203 OPN x2
Makoto, Neotron, Yamaha SFG + PSG
Makoto, Yamaha SFG + PSG + MSX-AUDIO (no drums)
Neotron + Makoto
YM2612 OPN2 x2
Makoto + turboR PCM, Yamaha SFG + turboR PCM

Usage instructions

Run VGMPlay from MSX-DOS 2, specifying the VGM file to play on the command line.


vgmplay [options] <file.vgm>


To configure Multi Mente to play VGM files, add the following lines to MMRET.DAT:


Development information

VGMPlay is free and open source software. If you want to contribute to the project you are very welcome to. Please contact me at any one of the places mentioned in the project information section.

You are also free to re-use code for your own projects, provided you abide by the license terms.

VGMPlay depends on the library projects Neonlib and Gunzip; it is recommended to clone the project with Mercurial so they will automatically be pulled in at the correct version, otherwise you have to download them manually:

hg clone

Building the project is easy on all modern desktop platforms. On MacOS and Linux, simply invoke make to build the binary and symbol files into the bin directory:


Windows users can open the Makefile and build by pasting the line in the all target into the Windows command prompt.

To launch the build in openMSX after building, put a copy of MSXDOS2.SYS and COMMAND2.COM and some VGM files to test with in the bin directory, and then invoke the make run command.

Note that the glass assembler which is embedded in the project requires Java 8. To check your Java version, invoke the java -version command.

Release notes

For the complete list of changes please refer to the revision history.