MSX Assembly Page
About programming in Assembly for MSX… Also partially applicable to other programming languages for MSX, and other Z80-based systems as well.
Random MSX stuff
Some pictures from meetings and hardware, some downloads I share to keep them available online, and a few very random tips and cheats.

Web development

XML DOM browser tests
A test suite containing several tests for the browser’s XML DOM implementation. This test page requires JavaScript. See the accompanying blog post for more information.
Javascript URI resolving implementation
A Javascript version of the URI resolving algorithm described in RFC 2396, includes tests. Note that there is now a newer object-oriented implementation here.
Adding your email with Javascript
Using Javascript to put your email address on your page is done by many to avoid spambots, which are collecting email addresses from web pages. Provided here is a method that uses the DOM to insert email addresses, and also works on XHTML pages (served as application/xthml+xml).
Creating XHTML sites
A short promotional bit about XHTML written a few years ago. Originally intended as the start of a series of articles, but well, that never happened.
IE5 band pass filters
Overview of CSS parser hacks to include stylesheets only in IE5, by Tantek Çelik.

Technology demos


Huffman’s compression algorithm
A low-level article about compression and Huffman coding in Dutch, which I had to write as an assignment for a course.
BitTorrent clients review
As my current client was getting outdated, and development on it has stalled, I set out on a quest to find the perfect BitTorrent client. I wrote up my findings in this article.